The Standing O is an individual coaching session facilitated by a member of the Standing Ovations team. This session is designed for speakers who are seeking top-level strategic advice to support them with the following problems:

  • A speaker who has too much content and needs to refine their content in creating a speaking brand with clarity, consistency and commitment.
  • A speaker looking to have a more in-depth understanding of the problems their message solves for corporate clients in order to refine their positioning, topic outlines, and to amplify their relevance.

  • A speaker needing guidance on how to amplify their influence and personal branding strategy in order to get more bookings.

  • A speaker needing guidance around the art of Influence and effective thought leadership on line.

  • Public Relations Strategies.

  • A speaker looking for strategic advice on working with events professionals and speaker bureaus.

  • A speaker wanting advice from Industry professionals with years of experience and Industry tested methodologies for speaking success.

As each speaker requirement will be unique this session includes a brief questionnaire that the speaker is required to fill out prior to the session in order to customise the most relevant content to explore over the 75-minute session.


The Standing O Marketing Audit is a tailored service where you can source a Standing O Professional consultant to review and Assess all aspects of your speaking or Influencer brand on stage, online and in life. You will be provided with a two-page summary that includes a detailed marking system In addition to comments and suggestions that highlight both your weakness and your strengths In addition to Identifying new opportunities for growth. You will be marked out of a 100 and this guidance will establish a clear pathway and a step-by-step process to building a world class and relevant corporate brand.


The Standing O Creative Hub is a community of world-class creative all endorsed by The House of O Brand. Our communities of suppliers are not just good at what they do. They are world class, and are experts creating speaking brands, personal brands and brands that Influence. Every supplier in our community has been used before in order to activate and amplify the speakers that form the House of O.

What is even more exciting is that when booking your creative agent through Standing Ovations all of the pain is taken of the process. Your Standing O consultant will look after your creative brief, administration, supplier management, provide feedback and will ensure that the creative project you are investing in is relevant to the speaking market and a product that the House Of O endorses. That means you get a products positioned for cut through in the corporate speaking Industry, created by the people who provide talent and sell in that Industry.

Services Include:

  • Stage Craft

  • Presentation Skills

  • Influencer Activations

  • Speaker Website Design

  • Speaker Design and Branding

  • Photography

  • Videography

  • Show reel Creation

  • Fashion and Styling

  • E Video Programs

  • Podcasts and Audio Books

  • Copy Writing

  • Social Media Strategy and Implementation