Personal Branding and The Bottom Line

I get to work with a variety of professional speakers, CEOS and entrepreneurs in the personal branding space. There are various road blockers to creating a compelling profile and I have heard them all.

One of the greatest myths is that building a personal brand is vain. As a result, people will avoid creating content or putting themselves out there because of worrying about what other people think. Wasted worry. 

The truth is that personal branding is not about vanity or fame for fame's sake. It is about creating a clear value offering built upon what is unique to you. Secondly, it is about generating leads and making sales.

If you have ever thought about creating a personal brand and have hesitated here are four reasons why a great personal branding strategy should also be a crucial part of your sales and business strategy. After all, your personal brand absolutely influences your bottom line.


Getting a person's attention is a form of economics. Every day our senses are overloaded with content and narrative in the stories we see and the stories we tell online, in life, and onstage. We are in a perpetual sea of storytelling. However, the stories that command our attention are the stories that reach our hearts as well as our minds.

Authenticity in branding comes back to unlocking our personal purpose or gift to the world. If we understand our purpose (with clarity), and we tell that story effectively we can command attention because our story to the world is true. It is not marketing lingo, fabricated or made to fit. It is our unique message, our value and because of that resonates with truth.

It is powerful to know oneself, and the confidence that comes with this level of authenticity creates brand gravity every time. 


Regardless of the product being sold, having ‘Implied Authority’ on any given subject makes you trustworthy. As a result, you are viewed as a person who is a part of the team and solving a problem opposed to a sales person trying to push a product.

To create Implied Authority, we must be able to display that we are knowledgeable and an expert. That we are the most prominent figure and influential.

Great personal branding involves the creation of consistent thought leadership. The creation of thought leadership may come from blogging, video content, speaking at events, or being featured in external media channels. Whatever it is a great personal brand is one that commands attention consistently and positions the person as the go-to expert.


Any truly successful personal brand will be underpinned in clarity around what a person offers. What is their gift to the world? How are they telling the world about that unique gift? If we are transparent with the market about what we stand for, then our value to that market is also crystal clear.

Think of this way. When we go to McDonalds, we know that we are getting fast food because the brand message tells us that. Personal branding is no different. If we look at big names like Richard Branson the word 'Fun' might come to mind. He rarely wears a suit and tie; his events are often outlandish, and he performs risky stunts. Everything about his personal brand says fun, and the world is left with little doubt that anything related to Richard Branson in business or life is also fun.


Any great personal brand is consistent. Consistently on purpose, valuable and of the highest quality. When a brand is consistent and, people know what to expect from a person then the customer also knows what to expect. As a result, they come back, and next time they might tell a friend, and that friend might tell another.

If your personal brand is consistent then over time that brand will build momentum and as a result, your tribe of engaged users will also increase. With a bigger tribe you are empowered to influence, inspire and live authentically with purpose...and profit! 

Just be you. The world is waiting for it.

-By Rebecca Tapp

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