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The world of professional speaking can be an exciting, daunting and competitive landscape to navigate and whether you are a new face or an established professional speaker. The guidance of an experienced professional is simply invaluable. There is a difference between being a great a speaker on stage, and creating a message that yields influence, impact and actually get’s you booked.

Standing Ovations is an Australian based consulting agency with a purpose to ignite and amplify the professional speaking careers of influencers, thought leaders and entrepreneurs in Australia, Asia and the USA. We believe in the creation of a world class industry with world class speaking talent who understand the needs of Ovations clients. Our focus is to empower professional speakers with the insider knowledge on how to position a message and brand that not only matters... but also is designed to sell, by the consultants that spend every day doing just that.

Collectively the Ovations team has more than fifty years of experience in the professional speaking game. In an age where every industry is being redefined by an over crowded digital landscape, and where thought leadership, influence and personal branding are the new kids on the block.... How are you going to be an authority as a professional speaker, influencer or thought leader? We believe you deserve a Standing Ovations in life, on line and on stage. Contact us to discover where world class begins.

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